For Those Who Answer The Call

You can see it in their eyes That honest sense of pride 

If you ask anyone of them 

They would do it all over again 




For those who answer the call 

The ones that give their all and all 

That makes our country proud and strong 

Don’t forget them when they come home 


The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines 

Protect us from sea to shining sea 

They deserve dignity and respect 

No matter what their branch of service 


We could never know 

What they had to go thru 

Doing all of the things 

That keeps us safe and free 


Repeat Chorus 


Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness 

They have fought and will die for this 

Every time we look a veteran in the face 

We need to send up a prayer of thanks 




For all of the fallen ones 

We honor each and every soul 

You who paid the ultimate sacrifice 

For every star and stripe 


Repeat Chorus

Hand To Paper And Pen



At special times and places  

In the very stillness of silence 

Melodies flow through my head 

That’s when I take hand to paper and pen 


Where the stories begin and end 

Don’t ask me I have no idea 

Where the words come from I don’t know 

I’m just the one who writes them down 


Repeat Chorus 


When the lyric line flows into poems 

That’s when love knows they are one 

Married to music and wed into songs 

The kind of ones you want to sing along   


Repeat Chorus 


I don’t question what makes me do this 

It’s something beautiful I can’t resist 

It comes and goes like the wind 

Leaving me wondering if it will come again 


Then just to complete my thought 

If this is what we came to talk about 

It might sound strange to you 

I pray I never stop being used 


Repeat Chorus

Leaving Everything To Chance



He’s a legend in his own mind 

Lost in this space and time 

Lives his life like a nomad 

Leaving everything to chance 


In the dawn of a modern age 

He doesn’t know how to change 

So he holds on to his past 

Because that’s all he has 


His life is pretty care free 

Running from his responsibilities 

Getting by on all that wit 

Forsaking his God given gift 


Always out there on the road 

Singing those glory day songs 

Telling stories about good times gone by 

Chasing women, whiskey, oowe and wine 


Repeat Chorus 


There are some places that he’s been 

That he can’t go back to again 

And if you look deep into his eyes 

You can learn this about life 


In the dawn of a modern age 

He doesn’t know how to change 

So holds onto his past 

Because that’s all he has     


Repeat Chorus 


As time keeps moving on 

When all he has is gone 

He’ll keep holding on to God

Because he knows he is loved 


Repeat Chorus 

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