For Those Who Answer The Call (Video)

You can see it in their eyes

That honest sense of pride

If you ask anyone of them

They would do it all over again


For those who answer the call

The ones that give their all and all

That makes our country proud and strong

Don’t forget them when they come home

The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines

Protect us from sea to shining sea

They deserve dignity and respect

No matter what their branch of service

We could never know

What they had to go thru

Doing all of the things

That keeps us safe and free

Repeat Chorus

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

They have fought and will die for this

Every time we look a veteran in the face

We need to send up a prayer of thanks


For all of the fallen ones

We honor each and every soul

You who paid the ultimate sacrifice

For every star and stripe

Repeat Chorus

©2011 Rodney L. Washington 

Description:  This song was inspired by my military service. In it I salute all those who have served in any branch during war or peace time. Please consider the song a "National Anthem" for those who have served or who are currently serving our country.  The three page backstory of this patriotic song will be posted on this website.

Drip, Drop, Tic, Toc (Tock)

Drip, drop, tic, toc 

Drip, drop, tic, toc

Fresh clean drinking water is life

Remove the lead leaching pipes

This is the voice of operation resistance

Not a question and answering session

Why are you trying to hide behind all of those  lies

The ones destroying our children's lives

Milwaukee is trying to re brand itself the Fresh Coast

Come have fun in between the east and west coast 

But the world needs to know its dirty little secret

Its drinking water is poisoning black, brown, and poor people

Drip, drop, tic, toc

Drip, drop, tic, toc

Fresh clean drinking water is life

Remove the lead leaching pipes

Let it be know the research is done

The maps and academic studies show

Without fresh clean drinking water

Everything else is pre - meditated murder

City Hall keeps talking about the lead paint

That it got money from HUD to abate

No one has asked where the millions went 

While the mayor use the false narrative to deflect

Drip, drop, tic, toc

Drip, drop, tic, toc

Fresh clean water is life

Remove the lead leaching pipes

A minority common council doing the mayor's bidding

While walking around acting self - righteous and saddity

Bureaucrats are resigning and jumping ship left and right

Because their conscience can't stand seeing the injustice

In every glass of water our children drink

Somewhere between the faucet and sink

City leaders know water and lead don't mix

Drinking it only brings misery and death

Drip, drop, tic, toc

Drip, drop, tic, toc

Fresh clean water is life

Remove the lead leaching pipes

It is time we all say it loud 

From the North, East, West, and South

Those we trust already know about this

Something we can't afford to dismiss

This is called a national health crisis

The lead leaching pipes are killing us

Drip, drop, tic, toc

Drip, drop, tic, toc

 ©2018  Rodney L. Washington

Description: This is a protest song about my observations and reflections as one of the initial and Board Members of the Freshwater For Life Action Coalition (FLAC ). We are a political advocacy group that has been at the forefront of informing the  citizens of Milwaukee, WI about the lead contaminated drinking water, flowing through 100 year old lead leaching pipes, into over 77,000 residential homes. From our national affiliations and media coverage we are aware of the national health crisis from lead contaminated drinking water throughout the United States that can be seriously effecting the health of over 22,000,000 Americans. I would hope this song becomes the "Rally Cry/Anthem" for those advocating for the removal of  lead leaching water pipes in their communities. 

Every One Should Color (Video)


Every one should color

Every one should play

That's the only way

The sun shines every day

Every time I open my coloring book

I pick up my crayons and smile

Always neat and taking my time

I color inside the lines

Repeat Chorus

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at five

And there's always time to go outside

But I'm always thinking about color time

Where all the pictures come alive

Just laughing and having fun 

The rainbow comes from the sun

Then when it's all said and done

I see what makes the world go round

Repeat Chorus

No matter how old I get

On  one thing you can bet

I will always have my coloring book

Where I can go and be free

Even when I go to sleep

In every one of my dreams

There's a smile on my face

And I see myself coloring

Repeat Chorus

 ©2009  Rodney L. Washington

Description: This song is dedicated to my cousin Nadia Brown who I know is being taught the true meaning of it.