Have You Ever Been In Love Before

If I could just hold you in my arms 

All this loneliness would be gone 

We could get what we deserve 

If we let our hearts take control 


The vibes told us we met in another time 

These kind of feelings we just can’t hide 

A love this strong 

Could not be denied 

You told me to come on in and give love a try 


It can touch you in a minute 

And take a life time to master it 

As the oak bends to the wind of fate 

You’re the true love for which I’ve waited 




I was lost in 

One of life’s storms 

And when you opened your door 

Got this feeling that is so warm  

Have ever been in love before  


It can touch you in a minute 

It can take a life time to master it 

As the oak bends to the wind of fate 

You’re the true love for which I’ve waited Repeat Chorus

He Always Called It Home 


I once met this magical man 

You felt special shaking his hand 

A spirit that had been around 

Since the earth has circled the sun 




Just being near him 

You could feel his wisdom 

And anywhere he would go 

He always called it home 


You could see in his eyes 

A strong sense of pride 

You recognized he was a keeper 

Of so many of life’s true secrets 


Had seen all of world’s great treasures 

Studied in the fine arts and cultures 

Knew his heritage was rich 

And the blessings he was born with 


Repeat Chorus 


For the ones that he reaches 

These are the lessons he teaches 

Know the essences of the elements 

So you always control the moment 


To the mind that is still 

The world will surrender 

The gold that you seek is hidden deep 

Only thru faith will you find true peace 


Repeat Chorus

I Find Myself Looking For You

Here in my imagination 

You are still with me 

We both know in reality 

This could never be 


I sit and talk to the walls all day long 

That’s what happens when you’re all alone 




Strolling down the avenue 

I see faces that remind me of you 

All alone in crowded rooms 

I find myself looking for you 


Your love cut me like a knife 

I’ll wear these scars for the rest of my life 

Your love gave me a false sense of security 


I gave you my heart felt passion 

And you told me it was nothing but infatuation 

You broke my heart and it brought me to reality 


Repeat Chorus 


Time has gone by and I don’t know what to do Now I remember, all the things I wanted to say to you 

It’s a shame that our love had to end this way 

I get down on my knees and pray for brighter days 


Repeat Chorus


You're Like A Breath Of Fresh Air

The wind blow on our faces 

Memories take us other places 

Was it worth our while 

The years and the miles 




Seeing you like this 

I’m totally convinced 

The feelings were always there 

You’re like a breath of fresh air 


This space doesn’t go on forever 

Do you want to say we never 

We’ll be left asking ourselves why 

Why did we let pass us by 


Let’s leave the past in the past 

It’s time to nurture a dream that’ll last 

Running with our backs to the sun 

Now we know we have become one 


Repeat Chorus 


This is our true destination 

An understanding love relation 

If you come and go with me 

Love is here for eternity 

Repeat Chorus 

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