About Rod Washington



For the past forty plus years I have studied and dedicated my life to writing song lyrics. This includes studying famous lyricists styles of writing  and have listened intently to eclectic vocalist approach to the timeless Great American Song Book. 

My primary purpose is to concentrate on the lyric story line continuity  leaving the genre style of the song up to the musicians and vocalist  who are creating it. 



At the age of 12 my mother gave me a small stereo record player and approximately a dozen albums. From that time on I became more interested in reading the lyrics, studying the songwriting style, and who was producing the recording artist.

I started out writing words, then catching related phrases, and to my surprise the phrases became poetic rhythmic melodic stories. This made me different from anyone else  I personally knew at that time.



I was blessed to be born to Myrtle Jane Galloway (6/14/1931 - 9/15/2018) who my self published book titled "Lyric Line Thinking Out Loud Is Anyone Listening?" is dedicated to.

My mother gave me three  instinctive gifts at a very young age among many that have served me well throughout my life. They are being extremely observant, the love of reading and understanding language, and the impeccable music taste for listening to good timeless music regardless of the genre.

Rod Washington - Music Producer



RW PRODUCTIONS should be considered a "Music Lyric Clearing House" for established and aspiring musicians and vocal artist seeking original quality lyrics, songwriting, and potential recording production. Let's get back to writing and producing positive songs that teach "Life Lessons!" We are all one musical note in a harmonic melodic symphony being constantly composed by our "Creator" with Love, Peace, & Light...Rod Washington I was born in the early 50's and what a time to grow up in a household where the great "Blues, R&B, Soul, and Jazz Music" of the day was constantly being played. While my grade school Music Teacher, Mrs. Iseman  from 5th to 7th grade introduced our classes to a diverse curriculum of Classical Composers, Operas, Musical Plays and etc. 

As in most Black Communities during this period many males wanted to sing and emulate the Motown or Stax Recording Artist including me. My friends would never let me sing lead because I was unable to catch the timing of the music to sing the lyrics on key. Me knowing that I have perfect pitch.

After being paid for writing love letters for sailors in the Navy, I entered the University Of Wisconsin-Whitewater and earned a BSE Degree with a Minor in English Creative Writing (RWG - Professor Ron Ellis). During my college years I had third area of study "Musicology" where I immersed myself into listening to the great diverse music genres of the day. This is when I was exposed to so many different musical and songwriting influences it would be a disservice mentioning one. To this day I continue to amass an extensive eclectic music recording collection in various formats that give me inspiration. I remember so many years ago, someone told me that you don't create anything new but adding onto or putting a twist on something that's already been said.