The "it's My Time To Shine" is a 10 song recording project that I wrote and co-produced with Carlton Thompson, thirty plus years ago. The project will be introduced to the public for the first time on this website. Jeff Taylor, owner of Fresh Coast Studios was able to multi bake, restore, remix, and remaster this entire 10 song project from two 1/2 inch 8 track thirty plus year old reels.

Just Like Magic



You came into my life just like magic 

You came into my life just like magic 


It seems that our love has come 

Such a long way 

Do you remember  

That very first day 


I was alone 

With no one to call my own 

Then I met you walking through the park 

You were suffering from a broken heart 


Repeat Chorus 


You were searching for someone to love 

And someone who’d care 

The person that broke your heart 

Was unfair 


Out of my dream  You came to me 

Unreal as it seems 

In the twinkle of an eye 

Repeat Chorus 


Like the trade winds 

Your love blows through my soul 

I need you more to have and to hold 

Please be mine until the end of time 


Repeat Chorus

© 1985 Rodney L. Washington

Description:  By this time in my life, I had traveled the world in the Navy, graduated from college, married, had a child and divorced. As they say when your not looking for it love finds you. I had this experience and it appeared so unexpected and right out of the blue "Just Like Magic." My heart was wide open at the time and receptive to love's mystical ways of seduction. 


Forever I'll Love You Mom

Her face never shows any age 

She’s with me each and every day 

And as time keeps moving on 

Forever I’ll love you, mom 


You know the secrets of all my years 

Together we have shed some tears 

Just your smile erases all of my fears 

Even miles apart I can feel you near 


The love you gave me set me free 

You’ve given my spirit eyes to see 

You taught me how to care 

To you, no other can compare 


Faces in the clouds may disappear 

In my heart, you’re always here 

You’re my moon and sun 

Forever I’ll love you, mom

© 1985 Rodney L. Washington 

Description: My Mother, Myrtle Jane Galloway (RWG 06/14/1931 -09/15/2018) gave me three of the greatest gifts I have ever received in life that of observation, loving language and listening to timeless diverse genres of music. She is one of the people myself published book on AMAZON titled  "Lyric Line thinking Out Loud Is Anyone Listening?" is dedicated to.  I wrote the lyric songwriting story line  and co produced this song with Carlton Thompson for her 33 years ago as a birthday present to show her my love and appreciation.  

It Only Gets Better With Time

Standing here I get a sweet sensation 

Walk my way I feel a strong vibration 

Come to me darlin’ let me ease your mind 

It only gets better with time 


My love is more than meets the eye 

It’s something I feel so deep, so deep inside 

Talk to me darlin’ let me ease your mind 

It only gets better with time 




Because in your heart you will find 

Feelings of a special kind 

It only gets better with time 

In your heart, you will find 

Feelings of a special kind 

It only gets better with time 


We both know a heart can be fragile 

Please trust me, baby; I promise to be careful

Let’s get to know one another and give love a chance

It will be much better than romance 


Repeat Chorus 


When these feelings come to you 

Patience truly is a virtue 

Nothing can keep us apart 

We’ve got a special place in our hearts 


Repeat Chorus 

© 1988 Rodney L. Washington

Description: The lyric songwriting story line of this song is just like almost everything else in life, love gets better with time only if something doesn't interrupt  its natural progression and flow.